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Mission Takers

You have reached a stage that inspires you to figure out how you want to be in life. You feel an urge to get organized, determine a clear path, take action while making balance a priority and feeling satisfied with your decisions.

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Vision Makers

You are in the second half of life, consciously writing the next chapter on who you want to be. Your objectives are to let go of what you don't need, tap into your wisdom, connect with others, contribute to society and feel content.

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At some point we all lift our heads out of our daily preoccupations and realize that what seemed important at one time just doesn’t suit us anymore. In some cases, we have steered away from what really matters.
By choosing to work with me as their coach, my clients are taking steps to live at the centre of their lives. Their situations range from keeping pace with post grad demands, to keeping steady through a job shift to envisioning post career life. What they all have in common is a desire to consciously step into uncertainty, not just to cope but to thrive and have fun!

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Jo Bennett

Solomojo Coaching

I became a coach because I like conversing about possibility. I enjoy the liberating power of choice, expressed in action. This is the true value of a minimalist perspective. The process of ‘mental, emotional and tangible decluttering’ is two fold: let go of perceived barriers to a meaning-filled life and then choose what you put back into the new found space. It is deeply satisfying to assist clients as they discover and develop this power for themselves. I’m happy to provide strategies to manage schedules, reduce attention theft, overcome procrastination and more, but it is my mindfulness approach that provides the foundation for my work.

Work with Jo

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One on One Coaching

As your coach, I provide individual attention to guide you through a mindful framework that is designed to help you reach your goals.

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Wellbeing Workshops

For busy professionals, important self care and 'letting go' fundamentals are explored during workshops at meetings and conferences.

Jo's Thoughts

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Peaceful Home Blog

The best posts from five years of writing the Minimalist Self Blog are here with additional themes of mindfulness and overall wellbeing.

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Simply Sundays Podcast

This podcast series, Simply Sundays, explores the topic of wellbeing, featuring conversations with various Canadian support practitioners.