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Mental Health

what thoughts and feelings really are

The brain is a remarkable organ. The evolution of the human brain reveals itself in the layered structures that give rise to reflexive action, learning, memory, and eventually self awareness. These components help to explain our often conflicting responses to life events. Under stress we experience physiological changes and emotional reactions that can overpower cognitive …

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a minimalist’s journal

I take one week holidays in the country during Winter, Summer and Fall. Each sojourn is an opportunity for my busy brain to slow down. Although it can take up to three days for my spirit to recognize the reduction in auditory and visual noise, I eventually start to relax. Please share!

A photo of Karl sitting on a wood floor, meditating in front of a window that looks out over dense green trees.

just sit

by Karl Pruner What is meditation? There may be as many answers as there are meditators. As a practitioner for forty four years, I can only say for sure what it means to me. Meditation means rest. In meditation, my mind rests in the awareness of the present moment. Noises come and go. Thoughts come …

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