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Many of us are leaders. If you are the kind of person who sees how something could be improved and rallies others to move forward in that direction, then you are a leader. You likely have a career position where you lead teams and companies toward a particular vision. You may also volunteer in your community, driving change. And some of you are spouses and parents, guiding your families through various stages of living.

As a leader, you become increasingly productive and engaged in your day-to-day. With age comes more responsibilities, more needs and more consumption. There is a propensity to become stretched and you keep going because you have the tenacity. Yet this creates ‘clutter’, filling up mental, emotional and physical space. As a result, shortcuts are created to help manage the bumpy terrain. Health is compromised, boundaries are dropped, connections are lost and passions go on the back burner. Even when life is good enough, you find yourself distanced from your essential core. It is this central place where true guidance is found yet your sacred voice can barely be heard.

We are familiar with passages in life so we recognize nagging thoughts and feelings that poke at our mind and heart. These hints are tempting to ignore but, the truth is, a transition is coming. When we choose to translate experience into wisdom, the questions form into words: “Is this all there is? Do I just keep doing what I’m doing?” Suddenly aware of our mortality, we seek to unburden ourselves, to realign with what is most important and to make life count. The invitation here is to consciously curate your day-to-day so you can lead an intentional life.

As a coach, this is where I come in! Whatever your professional or personal objectives, we co-create a mindful breathing space to untangle and honour what is happening in your life. My questions and reflections invite deep inquiry and I challenge you to reframe limiting perspectives. I guide you to pull out of yourself HOW you want to BE moving forward and WHY. I guide you to design your best real world practice and I help you hold yourself accountable for embodying into daily action. Coaching offers a dedicated space for you to press pause so you can do your best lifework.

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“Jo was friendly enough to make me want to open up and share, calm and firm enough to stop me when enough had been said and comfortable enough to take a pause when needed. She exudes a quiet confidence – I always felt that she had the best tools/language/insight available to us at all times during our sessions.”
Client J.N.
“Jo was friendly enough to make me want to open up and share, calm and firm enough to stop me when enough had been said and comfortable enough to take a pause when needed. She exudes a quiet confidence – I always felt that she had the best tools/language/insight available to us at all times during our sessions.”
Client J.N.

Case studies


Company owner with staff


-Increasing anxiety and negativity

-Not feeling in control of life

-Behaviour starting to negatively affect business and relationships

-Attracted to language on Jo’s website


-Health suffering

-Escalation may cause damage in professional and personal lives


-Two month engagement

-Weekly virtual sessions

-Assignments in between


-Current life misaligned with who client is becoming (identified emerging values)

-Fears letting down others

-Recognizes most action is to satisfy others

-Yearns to answer question “What is vital for happiness?”

-Needs clarity on next moves and accountability to get ahead


from client feedback

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 -Provides contemplative space

-Trusting environment to express unspeakable thoughts

-Looks below client’s words for more pertinent information

-Challenges client on assumptions, binary thinking

-Invites client to consider ‘living ‘legacy’ (daily impact)

-Exercises – Values, Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi), meditation


-Decision to sell company ‘with integrity’ - started a 2 year sustainable exit plan

-Acknowledges exhaustion - will pause ‘exciting new opportunities’ until feels ready

-Tapped into past grief - referred to therapist for investigation

-Strategies for practicing healthy living practices

-Scripts created for challenging conversations that will arise from changes

-Overall increase in contentment, “I can now breathe”


Director, public sector


-Feeling lacklustre “What’s wrong with me?”

-Ponders if job change is in order

-Personal demands growing (ie, care of elderly parent, teenagers)

-Mentor referral


-Witnessed ‘wake up call’ of close connection

- Plagued by serious doubts about path


-Three month engagement

-Flexible virtual sessions and chat


-Surprised by strong reaction “Is this all there is?”

-Heart craves to explore purpose in life

-Although doubts about job satisfaction, determines that the overall culture is a good fit

-Realizes must get help with personal life balance


from client feedback

(learn more about Jo's approach)

-Created a needs assessment - ‘how’ engage with work, not just ‘what’ to do

-Helped digest ‘rescuer’ tendency (take on people’s problems)

-Reflected negative self talk, helped shift to constructive vocabulary

-Invites client to consider ‘living ‘legacy’ (daily impact)

-Exercises - Lifework Assessment, Values, Somatic exploration, Self Care tools


-Clear need to see work has direct impact on consumers – will apply to other departments

-Cultivating a mindfulness practice

-Has accelerated plan to move, so less time in stressful commute

-Getting siblings involved to share responsibilities with parent

-Envisioned work-to-retirement plan (sees end game) Has idea for future passion project

-Overall feeling proactive and engaged


-Accountability partner (best friend)

-Has mindfulness plan

-Asked for three month check-in


-Client is still in original position – found shift in attitude improved relationships. Still proactively looking for transfer to public-facing job

-Living more ‘in the moment’, expressing daily gratitude

-Hired professional organizer to clear home clutter/help move/set up new systems

-Pleasurable cycle ride to work!

-Schedules regular walks with friend


VP, private sector


-About to retire

-Needs direction for the future

-Heard recommendation to take the Total Life Checkup program from former participant


-Worried about the transition

-Unsure “Who will I become?”


-Two month engagement

-Weekly virtual sessions

-Online module reading and exercises


-Realizes concern about transition fueled by perceptions of by peers

-Although skill set in demand, desires to evolve beyond patterns of performance and success

-New priority to nurture personal connections who supported through busy career


from client feedback

(learn more about Jo's approach)

-Excellent listener


-Thought-provoking discussions from tapping into deep knowing

-Creates insight by reframing topics related to getting older

-Evokes aspiration to study ‘being’ vs ‘doing’

-Offered great resources (particularly topic neuroplasticity)

-Exercises – multi-layered activities in each module


-Letting go of high achieving identity.

-Appreciates how to find/contribute to growth fostering relationships

-Growing sense of purpose by contributing to community via 1:1 approach (vs volunteering skills at leadership level)

-Confirmed on right track about practical aspects of aging (home, health, engagement..)

-awakened desire to explore spiritual questions

-Overall increased optimism about next chapters in life


-MAP contained all key takeaways

-Practical steps laid out for financial and end-of-life tasks

Asked for three month check-in


-Thriving during shelter-in-place protocol due to pandemic shutdown. Easy to say no to interesting projects because they are on hold

-Opportunities to focus on supporting individuals nearby feels great.

-Has time to get to practical matters

- Taking care of health and plenty of reading books on spiritual topics

-Still thinking a lot about the program modules and reviews notes from time to time


Like other support practitioners, a coach helps you achieve your goals. Essentially, to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’.
I guide clients to consciously curate their lives so they engage skilfully and with meaning.

On the continuum of goals and tasks, and the professionals who help you along the way, a coach uniquely has a place next to all of them. As part of their efforts to simplify their lives, my clients may be on a health journey, attending medical appointments or therapy sessions. They may be in career flux, training for a new position or meeting with advisors as they prepare to retire. And some are in ‘pause’ mode, embarking on a spiritual journey, inquiring about meaning in life.

What do these clients have in common? They are in a transition that requires a vision, a creative plan, action and accountability. A coach is your partner through it all.

Change can be something we choose. Sometimes change is given to us, with or without notice. From either perspective, I help you get through the mental, emotional and tangible ‘weeds’ so you can stay on track. But coaching isn’t just about helping you cope; it is a pathway to thriving! Your wellbeing is the focus here.


I provide a guiding framework to help you get to what is most important for you.

Through questions, tools and assessments, you explore, reflect, assess, make decisions, become aware, learn and grow. Along the way we look at assumptions, expectations, habits, motivation and more.

I listen non judgmentally as a neutral person not invested in your outcome. I provide a safe space for you to express yourself. Our sessions elevate you out of your day-to-day so you focus solely on what you need.

These sessions thread together as a trajectory to achieve an end result that makes you feel proud.

Therapy generally helps a client who is not able to cope in the present moment in a particular area of their life. They look to the past to unravel what may be contributing to this. You sometimes hear words like ‘to heal’ and there are conditions for which people seek treatment. Many wonderful therapists have taken coach training and use the skills set in their repertoire.
In coaching we focus on the present in daily action to change your future. Our assumption is clients are generally well and no matter how difficult it is to make change, they have the full capability to walk forward.
There is a point when coaching and therapy intersect. Either professional may recognize that their client could benefit from an additional or different service and at that point may invite the client to seek that support.
There is a kind of coach who imparts knowledge and provides a program for their clients to follow. Think of a sports, singing or health coach. Consultants and teachers are the same, in that they have an expertise that they will share with you (think of a small business coach or math coach) Mentorship is similar, in that wisdom is shared to support someone, yet mentors often are not paid.
Our coaching assumes that you are the expert of your life. We provide a framework designed to help you reveal your best route based on your knowledge of yourself. We don’t suggest or impart information and we are not cheerleaders for our clients. A coach is an impartial objective professional who is not invested in your outcome and does not judge you on your choices.


Coach Professional

Professional coaches are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF) which requires a minimum of coach training hours. Further excellence is demonstrated when a coach attains an ICF credential (I am a Professional Certified Coach, PCC) This requires a higher amount of ongoing training as well as many hours of experience working with clients. ICF credential holders are part of a self-regulating group of elite coaches who provide accountability to clients and the coaching profession as a whole. They pursue and complete rigorous education and practice requirements that provide legitimacy to their commitment to excellence in coaching.


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