paperless – 2

What’s a writer to do?
I recently heard a professor tell a classroom full of students that nothing can replace excellent reference books and not to rely on the internet. Do you believe this to be true? I do have an appreciation for bound printed work but there must be a good online dictionary and thesaurus? To support my efforts to not bring paper into the house, let me know if you have found any digital compendiums you consider worthy.

Please share!

3 thoughts on “paperless – 2”

  1. Hey Joanne,

    Wikipedia isn’t considered a valid source because it’s openly edited by “the masses” but I’ve found it to be incredibly valuable. I have downsized my entire book collection down to nothing. I now use the library and the internet exclusively. Sometimes I do yearn for an old reference source I had in my personal library, but the freedom of not being weighed down is worth it to me. 😉

    1. Hi Tanja!
      I had many fat resource books – some newer and glossy, others old and dusty. A thorough but messy looking collection! They went to friends and the library and I admit to breathing easier – not being weighted down as you say! But also like you, I do admire the hard bound matching set of language dictionaries with smooth slim pages I see in people’s home libraries! Something still comforting about them. (and what is that emotional connection! haha!)
      As for reliable digital sources, I just cross check multiple pages to come up with a common explanation. Interesting, even though I’m being thorough, I don’t often come across completely off track answers. Do you? As for Wiki, the more “clean up” notices I see on a particular page, then the more likely I will look for other citations.

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